Oriental Gallery

The Oriental Gallery is the home of the museum’s sizeable collection of art from the Far and Middle East.

It is located in the former offices of the Art Museum RIGA BOURSE that are light and cosy and encourage personal dialogue with art. The rooms no longer preserve memories of their initial décor. In order to highlight the uniqueness and beaty of form of each artwork, neutrality has also been observed in the choice of glass showcases and background materials.


The museum can boast of the largest collection of oriental art in Latvia, which is also one of the largest in the Baltic states. The museum’s holdings include several collections of masterpieces of the traditional cultures of several Eastern lands that in the display reflect various aspects of religious and everyday life. The traditional art of Japan, China, India and Indonesia is will represented in the display. On show in the safe of the Oriental Gallery is the popular display of art from Ancient Egypt including Latvia’s only mummy in its wood sarcophagus.