Common Issues in Painting and Everyday Life – Solo Show
Elīna Vītola's project
From 13 December 2019 to 23 February 2020, the ARSENĀLS Exhibition Hall of the Latvian National Museum of Art (2nd floor; Torņa iela 1, Vecrīga) will integrate Elīna Vītola's project “Common Issues in Painting and Everyday Life – Solo Show”.

Elīna Vītola cordially invites you to her latest personal exhibition whose title begins with "Common Issues in Painting and Everyday Life –”. This time it is followed by “Solo Show” after the dash.


Do not expect any special surprises or news, the artist has already apologised once, and that remains valid (note from  the curator of the exhibition, Līna Birzaka-Priekule: Elīna Vītola's work Common Issues in Painting and Everyday Life – Apologies was exhibited in Careva Gallery exactly one year ago).


It should be added, that this is the concluding exhibition of the painter's project How to Become an Artist?. Perhaps something more than just an ordinary painting will follow afterwards? Look for the artist's personal exhibition in the ARSENĀLS already this December!



Elīna Vītola has been working on the project How to Become an Artist? already since the age of four. The exhibition in the ARSENĀLS is the final exhibition in the series, because, by entering the museum, the endeavours have finally materialised – a new Artist has been formed. Elīna Vītola is interested in everything that has to do with painting and its education, fruit preserves and water.


The artist has held personal exhibitions in galleries Careva, 427 and Kogo. She is one of the founders and employees of Artist Crisis Center, as well as one of the founders of the association Monumental Café. Starting from November 2019, Monumental Café realises the exhibition programme at the Riga Circus Elephant Stalls. In 2018, the artist received the Nordic and Baltic Young Artist Award, although she normally finishes second in competitions.