Portrait in a Portrait
Only three weeks – from 2 to 24 February 2019 – a drawing show "Portrait in a Portrait" which is a sub-project of the exhibition "PORTRAIT IN LATVIA. 20th CENTURY. Facial Expressions" will be on view in the vestibule on the -1st floor of the main building of the Latvian National Museum of Art in Riga (Jaņa Rozentāla laukums 1).

The exposition Portrait in a Portrait demonstrates the works by participants of Me and Art, an educational programme of the Latvian National Museum of Art (LNMA), created during their lessons at the exhibition PORTRAIT IN LATVIA. 20th CENTURY. Facial Expressions.


This popular programme is in its 16th year of success, gathering participants twice a week in workshops related to the museum’s permanent displays and current exhibitions. Each workshop’s topic helps to understand a certain part of art – composition, colour, content, or creativity. By looking at the originals, contemplating, and, above all, creating new works, it is gradually possible for the students to acquire the language of art used by different masters throughout history. It gives them an idea of both the malleable and diverse nature of art, as well as of the fact that each person carries great inner potential and skills that can be developed.


Portrait offers a wide range of thematic gamuts and platforms to make drawings in different directions and styles. The compositions have been created by copying, experimenting with a variety of formal techniques, as well as individually interpreting the teacher’s tasks.


This exhibition, depicting only a small part of works dedicated to the portrait genre, affirms how talented and capable people are, as long as they want to devote their time and attention to deepen own understanding of art’s secrets and to work on improving personal skills. Often, the result surprises the participants themselves, as well as helps the spectators to see how powerful and rich each person’s potential is if we allow it to manifest itself.




Baiba Sprance, Curator of Education, Latvian Visual Arts Department /

Latvian National Museum of Art

Diāna Dimza-Dimme, Curator of Education, Latvian Visual Arts Department /

Latvian National Museum of Art


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