Romans Suta – 120. Universal Formula of Art
In the Great Exhibition Hall at the main building of the Latvian National Museum of Art will be exhibited paintings, graphic art and set and costume designs of artist Romans Suta.


Although Suta didn’t have higher art education, he was very erudite and excellent painter, who tried to embrace modernism in Latvian art. Suta also popularized creative work of Latvian modernism artists in foreign countries by organizing exhibitions outside Latvia and writing about it for foreign press.


Artworks will be “commented” by Romans Suta with qoutes from his theoretical texts, letters and articles. Necessary context also will be made from Suta’s striking biographical epizodes, that in one or another way influenced subjects, themes and execution of his work. Exhibition not only will offer full retrospective of artists’ creative work, but also will help to know his unusual, controversial, unordinary personality.



Dr. art. Natalya Yevseyeva, Museum of Romans Suta and Aleksandra Belcova / Latvian National Museum of Art




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