Discernible Motion
Pēteris Sidars. Solo exhibition

Pēteris Sidars has always looked for ways of expanding his range of creativity by using the most unusual techniques and very different materials that allow him to see new dimensions. He dares to focus on the synthesis of seemingly incompatible things, thus posing eternal questions about the purpose of art, the uniqueness of artworks, and the importance of experience. Pēteris’ experiments with seemingly prosaic events, everyday things, forms and structures of nature, objects, and fragments of space that are split off from the information of the surrounding environment, thus being turned into abstract forms. The artist paints, works with objects and prepares installations. The materials that he uses in his artworks are familiar, even bemusing at first – silicon, glass, plastic, hot glue, and all kinds of environmental objects. He is particularly interested in colour, form and structure.


Pēteris Sidars enjoys working on a unified set of artworks, with each one becoming one fragment of an extensive installation. This personal exhibition is dominated by the extensive laminated painting Flow, a series of artworks from the series Fractals, and a few other objects. Paintings on canvas, wood, rubber and plastic, as well as objects and installations that are made of industrial waste and everything that conforms to the artist’s intentions and opens up flows of visual associations. It is specifically the prodding curiosity of Pēteris that has allowed him to produce interesting visions of colours, with powerful and contrasting tones shaping the form while not being the main dominant of the artwork. A special system is used to produce expressively curving lines and areas that effectively create the impression of movement. Forms and tones are transformed in a seemingly playful way, sometimes creating the illusion of a non-existing space and things, an environment in which the viewer is surrounded by poetic and surreal emotions. A fact, detail or object takes on new meaning when seen in an unexpected context or interpreted in a different visual language.

This exhibition and its presence in the space of the ARSENĀLS lead to something of a philosophical and peculiar depth of endlessness and emotions that are captured through real existence. The unique aspects of Pēteris Sidars’ work have been noticed and appreciated both in Latvia and abroad. He regularly takes part in various international projects, and his work has won him much important praise.


Pēteris Sidars (1948) is a textile artist who works in various media including textile art, installations and objects. He was a pupil of the Liepāja Applied Arts Secondary School (1964–1967; 1969–1972), before continuing his studies at the Art Academy of Latvia’s Textile Art Department (1973–1978). Today, Pēteris Sidars is a member of a number of professional organisations including the Artists’ Union of Latvia (1981), ALMA/USA (1990) and FITMA/ Taiwan (2007).

Since 1976, artist has regularly participated in exhibitions in Latvia and overseas, organised a number of one-man shows in Latvia, as well as taking part in major international competition exhibitions, conferences and symposiums in Italy, Poland, Belgium, Japan, Switzerland, France, Mexico, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark, USA, China and elsewhere.


Works by Pēteris Sidars can be found in the Latvian National Museum of Art’s Decorative Art and Design Collection, in the collection of the Artists’ Union of Latvia, as well as in other museum and private collections both in Latvia and abroad.