Museum Storage Facility

Due to the state of emergency announced by the Latvian government, the Latvian National Museum of Art is closed until 15 November 2021.


In the result of implementing project ‘Construction of the museum storages complex’ a modern infrastructure will be created for housing and handling the collections of Latvian National History Museum and the Museum of Literature and Music and the foreign art collection and the Latvian art collection of the 1950s to the 21st century of the Latvian National Art Museum.

The infrastructure of the museum storage complex will provide: storing the museum objects, recording and restoring of them, and also use of the collection both by the museum employees and the visitors. In the complex, also displaying of certain collections is planned.

The territory of the object is situated in the monument protection zone, and it is prescribed to facilitate the area by arranging a well-considered pedestrian road and by ensuring the accessibility requirements, a special system of greenery. The building volume creates a united architectural shape without visual separating the zones of each museum.


The technical parameters of the object:
• The total area of the buildings – 30 330.8 m2
• The total area of the land parcel – 28 370.0 m2
• Construction site – 10 842.4 m2
• Area of the roads and squares – 8 505.5 m2

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